WWETT, the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transportation Show, is an opportunity for industry professionals to learn about and explore the latest technologies, equipment, ideas - and all things WWETT!

Blood Hound representatives will be on-site February 21-23, showcasing our services and technologies, including Private Utility Locating, Ground Penetrating Radar, Cross-bore Mitigation, Vacuum Excavation, Concrete Scanning, Subsurface Utility Engineering, Traffic Control and Leak Detection.  Parallel to information about our services, representative will be educating attendees about the difference between public and private utility locating - and how they may still be at risk after the public utilities on their job sites have been marked.  

For more information about the differences between public and private utility locating, try our interactive online education tool.

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Make sure to stop by Booth 6839 at WWETT '19 and visit with the Blood Hound team about making comprehensive safe digging a priority for your organization in 2019!