Mark Stowe, owner of a landscape design group Kentucky, shares his experiences and passions with viewers on his fishing show, The Direction.

A lifelong outdoorsman, Mike Stowe has owned and operated his landscape design company since 1998.  Throughout his professional career, Stowe developed a passion for advocating safe digging practices.  After years of being an ambassador for 811, CGA Jim Barron Award recipient, Stowe, was given the opportunity to take the message to a bigger platform - on screen.  A 25 year tournament fishing veteran, Stowe takes viewers along as he and his guests fish premier lakes, sharing how to's and plenty of laughs.

In March, Stowe and guest, Mark Mason, CEO of Blood Hound, take the 811 boat to the water at Mason's farm in Indiana.  While Stowe teaches Mason a few things about fishing, on his own pond - Stowe finds that Mason has a few things yet to teach him about comprehensive safe digging.

Tune in to see Mark Mason on The Direction with Mark Stowe March 5th at 7:00PM EST on The Pursuit Channel.

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