Two 5th grade girls from North Carolina made Easter safer for their community by alerting authorities of a potential gas leak.  Lili and Mackenzie were riding their bikes when they noticed a bad smell – that reminded them of something they learned in class.  Their school had handed out scratch and sniff cards, warning the children about the dangers of natural gas leaks, what they should do – and who they should call.  The quickly evacuated the area – racing home to notify an adult.  Their mother contacted 811 and alerted the gas company. 

"It was a pretty cool experience... I learned that you shouldn't just leave stuff like that."

This is an excellent example of Living the SAFE LIFE and the importance of industry partnerships to educate our communities, especially children, of the potential dangers associated with underground utilities.  These girls saw a potential problem, owned it and championed safety for their community!

Watch their interview with WFMY News 2 below or read the full story.