Blood Hound utilizes the most advanced technologies to perform over 26,000 private utility locates each year to prevent costly damages and project delays and protect work crews and communities from safety hazards.

Calling 811 prior to digging, as the law requires, ensures that all public utilities, including electric, gas, telephone, water, and sewer, will be marked on site. However, did you know that 811 does not mark the vast majority of underground utilities, which are private utilities, including:

· Past meter electric and gas (private after the meter in most cases)

· Low voltage control wires

· Chemical lines

· Private alarm wires

· Private irrigation lines

· Process sewers

· Hydraulic lines

· Tanks

· Fire lines

· Oxygen lines

· Product lines

· Chilled water lines

· And many others

Blood Hound's certified technicians utilize the latest and most accurate conductive and inductive electromagnetic locating equipment, the same as that used to locate public utilities. To locate underground utilities and structures undetectable by these traditional locating methods, we use ground penetrating radar, which employs electromagnetic waves to capture images below the ground's surface.

These advanced technologies enable Blood Hound's highly trained technicians to locate private underground utilities with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

In addition to calling 811 before you dig, always call Blood Hound to locate all private utilities to be safe and prevent costly damages and delays.