Assuming that as-built drawings are accurate is very risky. The utility layout is often changed by the contractors installing them to route around obstacles or accommodate last-minute change orders. An offset of several feet in any direction will be acceptable at the time. Prints often illustrate the intended, rather than the actual, placement of utilities. As Time goes by, no one remembers that the utility layout was changed on the fly.

Additionally, confusion over the correct version of a print often occurs due to the many amendments often made between the initial design, bids, execution of contracts, and finally construction. To make matters worse, title blocks and legends can get omitted when prints are created from the main drawing to enlarge specific areas.

Finally, as-built drawings can be decades old, and significant changes may have occurred over the years. Excavation decisions should never be made based on potentially outdated and incorrect as-built drawings. Never risk the safety of your crews and community or the potential for costly damages and project delays. Call Blood Hound private utility locating to mark underground, private utilities accurately before you dig.