With the end of another year quickly approaching, most businesses are neck deep in plans for 2020. Budgeting, marketing strategies, operational efficiencies and financial growth are at the top of everyone's priority list. A great way to gain some fresh perspective is to look at what other successful businesses are doing to make a difference in the lives of their customers, employees and communities. You are going to want to turn up the volume, for this!

Here are a few inspirational stories from 2019:

Laundry Facilities in Schools Promote Attendance, Reduce Drop Out Rates

A New Jersey principal says that students weren't showing up because they were wearing dirty clothes. School commits "big" space and community donates supplies to provide laundering facility at the school.

Threds Inc. Partners with U.T. Knoxville to raise nearly $1M to STOMP Out Bullying

Florida 4th grader, bullied for attaching a hand drawn design on his shirt for his school's college colors day, inspires University and Industry Partner, Threds Inc., to action - in a big way.

Hospital "Treats" Community with Organic Vegetables from Rooftop Garden

Boston Medical Center provides 7000 pounds of organic veggies to urban food desert each year.

St. John Properties $10M Employee Bonus

SJP attributes major company milestone success to their employees, surprising them with bonuses averaging $50,000 each.

USIC Supervisor Notices a Pile of Clothes on the Side of the Road - Saves 10 Year Old Boy

We get to see stories like this from within our organization, every week. Field technicians across the U.S. put their training into action keeping the communities they serve safe from car accidents, fires, downed utilities and about any other dangerous scenario you can image. Their stories of quick thinking and bravery are often not widely acknowledged outside or our organization, but this one was. You can see the full KTUL News report of this boy's family searching for his hero, here.

The USIC Family of Companies is not affiliated with nor do we endorse any of the companies referenced in this article. We are simply inspired by their actions.