The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) issued the Standard Guideline for Investigating and Documenting Existing Utilities, ASCE/UESI/CI 38-22 and its companion, Standard Guideline for Recording and Exchanging Utility Infrastructure Data, ASCE/UESI/CI 75-22, to minimize risk, increase public safety, and decrease costs.

The benefits of following the new standard guidelines - The new standards are designed to minimize impact to existing utilities, protect you from utility related claims, and ensure that new utilities added to a project, or utilities relocated during a project, have accurate records of their location and attributes for use going forward.

What does this mean for your projects? While accessing prints remains a standard practice, they are not always available and do not always include sufficient detail. Calling 811 will provide some information, but in some states, utilities are only required to send prints they have for the area and not to mark the utilities in the field. This is why the new standards recommend additional steps for capturing the data and recording it.

BLOOD HOUND CAN HELP. For all your projects, we can:

  • Perform field locating of underground utilities
  • Utilize advanced GPS technology to collect data on the locations and attributes of utilities (on the ground or by drone)
  • Provide recorded data as a deliverable

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You can purchase a printed copy or e-book of the new standards online in the ASCE Bookstore: