BLOOD HOUND IS AN INDOT-APPROVED UTILITY SERVICES PROVIDERBlood Hound is now one of only two INDOT Approved Consultants that provides Subsurface Utility Engineering Services trusted and approved by the Indiana Department of Transportation to enter bids on their contracted projects. Only service providers with a proven record of timely and professional service achieve this valuable pre-qualification, confirming that we're not only the most popular and fastest growing service provider, we're the best.
Years of investment in state of the art equipment and the best training for the top technicians are paying off. Our technicians are receiving the reputation and recognition they've earned for timely and accurate private utility locating service. Our close relationship with the best technology vendors has empowered us to find what the competition misses, delivering the accurate and detailed reports contractors need to complete their projects more affordably, efficiently and safely.

While we're the Midwest's preferred provider for government and large-scale infrastructure and construction projects, we're also equipped and prepared to tackle the smaller and less challenging requests at competitive rates as well. No matter how big or small, no matter how urgent or routine, Blood Hound's probably the right call.

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