Blood Hound is partnering with MISS DIG 811 on an exciting new pilot program which incorporates "private utility" locating options.

MISS DIG System, Inc. is a Michigan Non-Profit Corporation that operates as the Underground Utility Safety Notification System for the entire state. MISS DIG 811 has received over 21 million locate requests resulting in nearly 189 million transmissions since 1970.

The pilot program will be implemented in the Remote Ticket Entry (RTE) program offered within MISS DIG 811. Remote Ticket Entry (RTE) allows authorized contractors and MISS DIG 811 Members to enter Dig Notice requests over the Internet 24/7. With basic access, regular 3 business-day tickets can be entered.

During the pilot program, RTE users will be able to select an option to be notified when a private utility is identified. When they select yes and a private utility is identified, Blood Hound will contact them to determine if they would like to have the private utilities located, painted and flagged at their job site.

Bruce Campbell, MISS DIG 811 CEO/COO, shared about the program, "I am looking forward to the pilot program beginning and providing our contractors the opportunity to have all utilities marked, whether public or private, with one call or in the case of this pilot program, one ticket entry." Blood Hound and MISS DIG 811 will be sharing early results of the pilot program at the 2020 CGA Conference in Palms Springs, CA in March.