Failure to properly locate all utilities can lead to property or utility damage—or worse: put lives at risk. Many property owners and contractors don’t understand that the public One Call (811) system doesn’t cover all utilities on their property. This is true for both commercial and non-commercial properties.

Remember, just because you don’t see any obvious indicators, does not mean that there are no hidden risks. Some of the key indicators to look for on a job site, include:

  • Key electrical identifiers: parking lot lights, electric meter attached to a pole and conduits on buildings without a meter.
  • Key water Identifiers: PIVs and FDCs, hose bibs, cleanout caps, storm sewers on private property.
  • Key gas Identifiers: external generators, natural gas or propane tanks, gas line runs back into the ground after the meter.

If you aren’t sure if you need a private locate, give us a call. If your property can be located by 811 alone, we’ll tell you that. But if not, we’ll help you figure out the best next steps.