Concrete Scanning:  Bridge Deck Scanning Technology

Anytime your job requires coring or cutting into concrete, it’s best to know what you’re getting into. Concrete floors and walls often contain plumbing, fiber optic conduits or electrical cables, and rebar and tension cables. Concrete scanning, or concrete imaging as it’s also known, is a highly-specialized service provided by private locators like Blood Hound.

This service is used widely for bridge deck scanning. With ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology, Blood Hound is able to scan bridge decks at normal driving speeds and detect:

  • Rebar-level delaminations
  • Overlay debonding
  • Corrosion-induced concrete deterioration
  • Thickness of asphalt overlays
  • Concrete cover over rebar
  • Patching and spalling

And, when the job is complete, you’ll have immediate access to electronic field sketches, pictures and other pertinent documentation.

So, if you need to make critical cuts in concrete, start with concrete scanning. It will help you avoid costly strikes, delays—or worse—injuries