No one likes to admit when they are wrong. Even those who are quick to admit and apologize for their mistakes don’t want to be at fault, particularly in a professional atmosphere, when money and safety are at stake.

But when it comes to safety, everyone is responsible.

At Blood Hound, our mission is to educate all project stakeholders about the dangers of unmarked private utilities on their job sites. By doing this, we all share in the responsibility of ensuring EVERYONE goes home safely.

When it comes to private utility locating, you need to understand:

  • How underground utility data affects the overall project schedule and budget
  • What impact it has on your performance and liability
  • How and when to advocate for underground utility locating on your projects

Knowing and sharing your knowledge of private underground utility liability will make you a valuable partner on your projects, conveying your concern for overall safety and success.

The image below was taken from our interactive online tool to demonstrate what private utilities might remain unmarked on your site, after 811 has located and marked the public utilities.

Everyone has a Stake on Job Sites