We’re always looking for ways to improve—from our skills on the job to investments in new technology—and this spring we're rolling out our brand new Hound Hub client portal that will help us do just that.

Our ultimate goal is to make it as easy as possible for clients to work with us and get all of the deliverables they need to keep their job site safe and their crew moving along as efficiently as possible.
Hound Hub allows our customers to submit new work requests, check on the status of their job, submit any customer feedback or questions, and download their deliverables—all from our website.
Hound Hub makes it easy for our clients to get their deliverables. 
Hound Hub is linked to our electronic signature system, and upon closing a job, all proper people are notified that their deliverables are available for download from Hound Hub. Everyone will have their own login information—we like to call them Dog Tags—and will be able to access all the information and documents specific to their projects.
And because the Hound Hub is always accessible from our site, clients no longer need to request another email to download their materials if they deleted the original email.
The great part is, Hound Hub is a cloud-based system. So clients can log in from the office or from the jobsite—anywhere they have internet access, any time after their job is complete—whether it’s the same day or 6 months later.
Ask us about a demo via email or phone.
[email protected] or 1.888.858.9830