CGA Expo 2019 is over too soon for many of our Blood Hound family from the Midwest.  Aside from the beautiful weather in Tampa, Florida this week, there was a lot to enjoy this year and we were proud to be part of another another successful Expo with our friends and neighbors in damage prevention.  

Leading the way in all things SAFE was USIC Vice President of Environmental, Health and Safety, Tom Karnowski.  Tom kicked off our week with a LIVE feed from Tampa at the USIC Family of Companies Fleet Display outside the Tampa Bay Convention Center.  Tom uses Facebook's LIVE feature frequently to communicate various messaging to our organization, our clients and the general public.  Click the "play button" to see Tom's LIVE feed from CGA Expo 2019 in the viewer below - be sure to click on the megaphone for audio from the feed!  Follow USIC on Facebook to catch Tom's next LIVE Tailgate Talk on April 23.

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