Your project site may be a nicely leveled and landscaped open lot, but it may once have been the site of a commercial operation with one or more of the following private utilities buried underground:

· Private alarm wires

· Irrigation lines

· Hydraulic lines

· Chemical lines

· Product lines

· Fire lines

· Oxygen lines

· Chilled water lines

· Process sewers

· Low voltage control wires

· Tanks

· Fuel Storage Tanks

If an excavator cuts or ruptures a live utility, it could result in costly damages and project delays and injuries or deaths.

The same is true for parking lots, which are often ideal locations to run pipes and cables beneath due to their accessibility and lack of obstructions for excavating trenches to lay utilities.

The current physical appearance of any redevelopment site may obscure what was previously located there. A subdivision site may once have been home to a manufacturing facility and conceal many potential hazards. When sites are redeveloped, underground utilities may be adapted and rerouted to meet current needs and, therefore, not be located where you would expect to find them.

You may have notified 811 to locate public utilities on the site, as required by law, but it is equally important to have private utilities located, which is the reason why Blood Hound should always be your second call prior to excavation. We locate all underground private utilities and structures, including what other companies cannot or will not locate, to protect you from unexpected, potentially hazardous and costly damages.

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