New Service:  Water Leak Detection

Detect Leaks, Use Water Efficiently, Manage Costs Better

Homes, office buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and other commercial and institutional facilities use a significant amount of water and energy in their daily operations. Blood Hound uses water audits and leak surveys to provide building owners, facility managers and other stakeholders with valuable insight needed to use water more efficiently to reduce the risk of water shortages and increasing costs.

Water Audits

  • Accurately determine the amount of unaccounted-for water (UAW) leaving your system.
  • We'll help you create a plan for adjusting and building a more efficient water system.

Leak Survey

  • Locate water lines and exact placement of leaks for precise digging.
  • Discover placement of fire water lines.
  • Receive maps and reports of lines and points of interest for future reference.

Robotic Camera Inspection

Our use of robotic camera technology and noise correlation equipment gives us the ability to precisely locate the area of your leaks which results in a smaller digging area to reach the problem. By sending our robotic cameras into your underground piping, we are able to record the exact cause of leak issues and also pinpoint future problems.

  • Cameras can be used to visually find leaks in pipes when acoustic technology may not work.
  • Camera systems can find water infiltrating into sewer pipes (good use if there are no visuals of a water leak above ground).
  • Cameras can locate untonable plastic water lines without tracer wires.