MICCS is a group working toward one goal: a standardized approach to construction safety. They’ve created programs, education, and awards that set a higher expectation of safety on jobsites.
Simply stated, MICCS exists to ensure everyone who goes to work comes home the same way they showed up: unharmed. But if an incident does happen, the MICCS Foundation helps provide immediate support.

At Blood Hound, we’re committed to safety. Since we just wrapped up safety month, we want to take a moment to sit down with an organization that values safety more than anything else. We spoke with Scott Grimes, the executive director of the MICCS Foundation. Here’s what he had to say.

1.How does MICCS differ from The MICCS Foundation, and what makes the MICCS Foundation so unique? 
MICCS aims to prevent incidents from occurring, but the unfortunate reality is that there are injuries and sometimes fatalities. What we saw a lot is there’s a gap of time between the incident and the monetary support provided by insurance where the family really struggles. That’s where the MICCS Foundation steps in.
We provide money to the families who have been affected by a significant construction or facilities maintenance injury, so they have support right away.
2.How much support can the MICCS Foundation provide?
When the foundation started, we could give $500 per occurance. Now, because of the support we’ve had from donors, event sponsors, and organizations like Blood Hound, we’re up to giving $5,000 per occurance.
And there are no strings attached to that money. Families can use it for whatever they need: house payments, groceries, anything. We try to help with the money and getting them through the hard time before anything kicks in.
3.How does MICCS Foundation raise the money?
We’ve raised money through many avenues: golf outings, corporate or private donations, through our website and our GoFundMe site, and companies like Blood Hound that provide a lot of funding through sponsorships and matching donations. MICCS donates between $15,000 and $25,000 each year, as well.
We have also been fortunate to received a gracious, $50,000 donation from FA Wilhelm after they completed a new parking structure in Columbus, IN. They had written a safety incentive into their contract, and having met the standard they donated $50,000 to a foundation of their choice. It was a huge boost, and we’re so grateful that companies like that have safety as a fundamental value.
4.What has made Blood Hound a good fit to be a great supporter of your organization?
Blood Hound has been a huge supporter of The MICCS Foundation, from supporting the organization financially and promoting it. More importantly, though, they’re living the mission within Blood Hound.
To me, utility locating is inherently a safety issue. They’re in the business of keeping people safe from gas, electrical lines, and more. I consider them in the business of safety.

5.Did you do anything for Safety Month this year? 
Well, every month is safety month for us. We’re always doing something to help elevate the standards and set higher expectations. We also make it a point to recognize people and organizations who commit safety excellence.
This year marked the 22nd Annual Awards Banquet. It’s a place to focus on recognizing the safety performance of companies and individuals, and has sort of become the who’s who of construction, typically drawing 600-800 people. This year, BMWC was awarded the MICCS Excellence in Safety Crystal Eagle Award.
One of the other things we do is we have a construction day, which is a day to focus on safety and recognize those who died in the incidents. We’re making it a goal to engage more with safety month and develop what we’re doing.
6.Anything else you’d like to add about MICCS, The MICCS Foundation, Safety Month, or Blood Hound?
I’d like to thank Mark, Tracy, Larry, and the whole Blood Hound team for being there to support the organization. Again, they really live our mission, so it’s great that a company like Blood Hound is so committed.