The winter tends to be a little slower in the construction industry. Around the Blood Hound campus, we like to take the colder months to brush up on our training and certifications. And while our sales staff are busy refreshing their OSHA, Smith Driving, and HAZWOPPER training, they are also making sure to take this time to reconnect with our clients.
Right now, we’re trying to meet with as many of our clients as possible, not just to let them know what we offer, but to see how we’ve performed already. We’re reviewing the past year and the work we’ve done for them. We want to make sure that we’re not just meeting, but exceeding their expectations. We’re asking questions like:

  • What do you like about our deliverables?
  • Is there something more we could do for you?
  • Could we do anything different to better serve you specifically?
  • Are we on time to your project?
  • Are we adaptable to your needs when we get there?

Our goal is to learn more about our clients and how we as a company can better serve them. Often, our clients don’t realize just how much Blood Hound offers in the way of underground locating and mapping, and how our services can help them well before a project kicks off, or even well after a project is complete.
We listen to their business needs, we talk about what they have coming up in 2015, and discuss how Blood Hound can put our services to the best possible use for them, whether that’s locating, mapping, vacuum excavation, or camera inspections. We want to use our expertise in underground locating and subsurface engineering to get our clients the best possible results from Blood Hound.
We’re currently reaching out to clients, but if you haven’t gotten a call or an email yet from one of our regional reps, you’re more than welcome to contact us. We can set up a meeting, a private lunch and learn for you and your team, or whatever works best for you and your team.
You can contact your regional sales rep directly using the contact information below, or call Blood Hound and ask for Tracy. He’ll get you set up with an appointment with a dedication relationship manager.
Relationship Managers by Region
Indiana – Chris Prauda, 317-670-3485
Ohio – Jason Howell, 513-288-3403
Kentucky – David Neal, 502-612-3977