By: Donavon Busta

Every day of the week my favorite part of what I do for work, and the undeniable reason I appreciate Blood Hound, is the dedication to deliverables and data processed for each and every job.

All deliverables are handcrafted and carefully created, custom and unique to each job performed in the field. So much data is collected on job sites daily. Unfortunately, that data is often overlooked by other private locate companies and not translated to the customer or excavator. That is not the case with Blood Hound. Examples of deliverables provided by Blood Hound include the following:

The included photo is an example of a private utility locate I completed at a residence in California. This job took a lot of time and fine attention to detail. The customers were patient and were pleased with the end result.

As an employee with many years of experience and time put into my craft, I firmly believe the attention to detail and time put into every job makes Blood Hound stand out from the competition. The quality of work and deliverables is appreciated when a customer looks over the documents I provide when I complete a job.