Vacuum Excavation:  Air Knifing vs. Hydro

During environmental soil sampling, companies must auger the first five feet to ensure no utilities are present. At times even hand auguring can cause damage to sensitive underground assets such as petroleum product lines.

By using vacuum excavation, you will ensure underground facilities are not damaged, and you can clear more exploratory holes, especially in cold or difficult soils.

You have two ways to approach vacuum excavation—and Blood Hound can help you with both!

Air-Knifing Excavation

  • Uses compressed air to disturb the earths' soil
  • Soil vacuumed up intoa debris tank for re-use
  • Quick, efficient and safe
  • Slower than hydro excavation

Hydro Excavation

  • Uses high-pressure water along with high-speed vacuum
  • Efficient and faster than air-knifing excavation
  • Does not re-use spoil material for refilling the hole

If you want to ensure your underground facilities are not damaged in a dig, then start with vacuum excavation. Learn more at