A quick bit of history: back in 1999, Blood Hound owner and president, Mark Mason, left the public locating world to launch his company with the goal of being the best private locating firm in the business. He was a one-man shop back then, focused primarily on utility locating and GPR services.
Fast forward just over 15 years, and Blood Hound has grown to become the largest independently-owned private utility locating company in the Midwest, with over 50 locating professionals working around the country. And while we’ve expanded our services to offer camera inspection and vacuum excavation, good ol’ fashioned utility locating remains the bread-and-butter of our business.
Why should I call a private utility locator if I’ve already called 811?
811 locators are known as public utility locators. They do good work, and they’re free, but they are only required to locate the utilities owned by public utility companies like electric, water, gas, and sewer. Generally, this means they only locate and mark utilities “from the main to the meter.” Unfortunately, this means a lot of utilities go unmarked.
If your worksite has anything even remotely out of the ordinary, like fiber optics or buried electric lines between buildings, public locators will not locate and mark these.
That’s why you call us.
We locate and mark any and all underground utilities and structures. And we’re particularly good at finding trickier, “exotic utilities” like:

  • Chilled water lines
  • Process sewers
  • Chemical lines
  • Irrigation lines
  • Pneumatic transport lines (e.g., for drive-in bank tellers)
  • Low-voltage control wire
  • Oxygen and hydrogen gas Lines
  • Empty conduit
  • Cooling and quench water
  • Ash lines
  • Vent lines

Why Blood Hound?
We provide 24/7/365 service by highly trained and certified technicians, who are continually updated on all modern locating techniques. By choosing Blood Hound Underground Utility Locators, your underground facilities will be protected. That’s not to mention the time and money you can save on a job, because your excavating crew can work more safely and efficiently knowing where to expect utilities.
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