Author: Jordan Partlow

In the excavation, engineering, and environmental world, you are probably aware of calling 811 prior to starting your project.

While the 811 system is a great service, utility companies and contract locators are limited in what they will mark out when a ticket is submitted.

What is marked also differs based on things like:

  • State-by-state One Call laws differ.
  • Type of tickets called in - mark outs can differ for example, a design ticket in some states only requires prints of main lines be sent and no field markings are required.
  • Ownership of a buried line by the utility company can differ by state or township.

Here are some reasons to hire a private locate company to mark out your project:

  • Ownership - Private locators do not own the lines, so they can mark the entire site based on your scope of work.
  • Safety - Struck Lines can be dangerous to the excavator and the community.
  • Change Orders - Having a Private Locator mark out your project can help prevent costly change orders.
  • Experience - Private Locators have field experience in locating utilities and have state-of-the-art equipment.

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