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Blood Hound Strategic Partnership Program



When it comes to the future of your business, you have options.

Whether you are looking to grow your business, actively seeking to sell your business, or exploring exit-strategies for your retirement – your options are good.  Choosing the best solution to secure your future and the future of your company is paramount.

Since 2016, Blood Hound has been successfully acquiring like-minded utility service companies to expand their footprint and service offerings to become a national leader in Private Utility Locating.  Our personalized approach to acquisition offers business owners attractive alternatives with significant strategic, operational and financial benefits.



Blood Hound is partnering with like-minded private utility service companies across the country to expand their national footprint and gain market share in concentrated service areas.


Blood Hound is actively seeking opportunities to partner with utility services companies specializing in Private Utility Locating, Ground Penetrating Radar, Vacuum Excavation, Sewer & Cross-bore Mitigation, Concrete Scanning and Leak Detection.



Our partnership process is fair & transparent.


Each partnership is unique to maximize benefits for everyone.

We Value Your Hard Work

You have worked hard to make your company what it is today - and that is worth a lot to us.

Immediate Reward

The legacy you have built is worth a lot to you - and we know it. We work with prospective partners to ensure that it is a mutually beneficial opportunity, for all parties.

Continued Involvement Option

Not quite ready to retire or you want to be part of the continued growth? You can! With our Equity Exit Strategy, you have the corporate resources to continue to grow your business - and continue to earn after the sale.

Fair, Transparent - and Fast

We want the process to be as quick, easy and profitable as possible, for all parties. Our experience in mergers and acquisitions expedites the process, with the promise of respect and transparency.

Economic Resilience

Fight back against the ebb and flow of the economy as part of a National brand; provide your employees with stability, advancement opportunity, and corporate benefits - with low premiums.

Expand Your Legacy

As part of the Blood Hound team, your company will join the industry leaders in forging the future of comprehensive safe digging, as part of complete underground utility damage prevention.

Why Now

More than 65% of underground utilities in the United States are privately owned.  Fueled by a prime utility market and lucrative tax benefits, now is an excellent time to be a seller.  To meet industry demands, Blood Hound has a strategic business plan in place for growth.  In short, we are serious about investing in companies that can help us achieve our business goals.  Our goal is to be fair, transparent and expeditious with our acquisitions.

What to Expect

Our simplified partnership process takes you painlessly from an initial conversation, through the valuation process and closing.  The first step is to fill out the form below.  You will receive a call within 48 business hours of your inquiry.

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