Let’s face it: business is hard and full of uncertainties.  With Blood Hound’s Strategic Partnership Program, we reward you for what you’ve done, offer you the opportunity to continue to benefit from your involvement - and provide security for your future.  When it comes to the future of your business, you have options, and those options are good.

After spending 19 years in the public utility locating sector, Mark Mason identified an opportunity in the Private Utility Locating market and started Blood Hound in 1999.  From working out of his garage and growing the Midwest Market - to being recognized on Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies to watch in consecutive years, Blood Hound is now recognized as a national leader in Private Utility Locating.

“During the process of becoming a national Private Utility Locating firm, my wife, April, and I had many long days and sleepless nights.  I know what it’s like to meet payroll, need to acquire more equipment for the growth of the company, and impact my employees’ families with the decisions I make.”

It was a scary decision for Mason to sell his company; one that he did not take lightly.  But the benefits were strong – and immediate.  The question of sustainability was gone and his dreams for growth were a reality.  He had the added assurance that if something happened to him, there was a network of leadership in place to ensure that daily operations would continue at the same level of activity and quality.  Combined with the benefits of being able to offer his employees better benefits at lower cost, better equipment and training, and greater opportunity for growth and advancement in a larger organization assured Mason that he was making a decision that would have a positive impact for everyone.

Plans were made, and quickly executed, to expand service offerings from Blood Hound’s cornerstone service, Private Utility Locating, to offer clients a full suite of underground utility damage prevention services.  Ground penetrating radar, sewer and cross-bore mitigation, vacuum excavation, concrete scanning, subsurface utility engineering and leak detection services now provide our clients with a single, trusted source for comprehensive safe digging.

Today, more than 65% of buried utilities in the United States are privately owned.  Fueled by a prime utility market, this momentum provides a unique opportunity for Blood Hound to pursue other strategic partnerships throughout the United States.  Blood Hound is partnering with like-minded private utility service companies across the country to expand their national footprint and gain market share in concentrated service areas.  If you are interested in learning more about partnering with Blood Hound, please visit our strategic acquisitions page: www.BHUG.com/Partnerships